What is the "League Challenge"? Edit

Simply put, the League Challenge is where the trainer goes through a gauntlet of 18 Gym Leaders to obtain each leader's badge. These Gym Leaders know their stuff, and are not anything like the in-game Gym Leaders. Like the game, there are 16 of them, all of whom are happy to accept challenges and dish out punishment to the unprepared (Note that you just need 10 To Challenge the Elite4). The Gyms, unlike the game, may be challenged in any order, with 24 hr gaps in between so you can properly prepare for the next Gym Battle.

Should one be successful in clearing such a hurdle and obtain all 8 badges, the next step is to contest with the Elite Four. Trainers better be wary of them, because these four have extreme skills in competitive battling. They stand high above the rest of the community. Should you be succesful in clearing that, you are scheduled for a major showdown with the League Champion. What happens after that? You are considered the best Trainer in the community and are worthy of great rewards. What are these rewards? You'll have to get to the end and find out.

Wow. That sounds exciting! How do I register?Edit

Go to the T-Flare homepage and register. Then you can start immediately!

Good luck trainers. The road is long and harsh, but with time who knows? You may prevail. You may not. Only you decide the outcome.