KingDedede16 joined T-Flare on September 08, 2009. He's a very laid back guy, and doesn't really want to ever cause trouble. He was quite the active member in the past, then due to life experiences became inactive for several months. Currently he is as active as ever, chatting with friends and playing games with them.

Battling Experience

Always a competitive guy, KingDedede16 is always looking to be the best. Ever since Red and Blue, he's loved to do battle and walk away victorious. Then one fateful day, a friend approached him during the Diamond and Pearl generations, and destroyed him. Feeling that he could get that good too, he asked for advice, which isn't really a common thing with him. His friend then asked him if he knew what EVs and IVs were. That's what then encouraged KingDedede16 to try even harder, figure out these terms, and get into the metagame. He started out fairly weak, still learning through experience. He then started looking to Smogon for tips, and from then became even better. However, he discovered later that he became a bit too predictable. Tired of using other's strategies, he came up with his own. He's now self-proclaimed as a great battler, and always loves to tutor people in the same way he was tutored.


KingDedede16 tumbled upon T-Flare one day by viewing one of the battles on Youtube from a member of the site. Using the link provided, he joined up immediately and found what is a great community full of amazing people looking to battle. While he never got to the Elite Four due to changes to how the gyms worked and personal life, he ended up nabbing several badges throughout his time at T-Flare. He has also beaten almost all the users he's battled at least once. Other than that, he commonly accesses the site's shoutbox and posts in the forum every now and then.

One Piece

KingDedede16 is probably one of the biggest One Piece fans of T-Flare. While not really into Anime or Manga, this is a series he cherishes the most. He loves to talk about it too, so any conversation with him about it is more than welcome!

Personal Life/Interests

KingDedede16 is a calm, laid back guy looking to make his way into the world. He doesn't like to give too much about his life though. He's a huge fan of King Dedede from Kirby, which is why he based his username after him. While not as huge a fan of the Kirby series as much as he loves others, King Dedede is still his favorite. He loves series like Sonic the Hedgehog, Pokemon, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, and most JRPGs. He also really loves Halo.